January 02, 2004, 12:16 pm

  Let's put the fun back in funeral.

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the work of Joe Boyle

11/03/03 - Check out our new holiday shopping forum!

11/03/03 - Images from Envy is Blind's October 25 show at the Loring Pasta Bar are now online.

11/03/03 - Electrotank is coming up November 30, featuring Telephone! and Joggerz. Usual time, usual place. Check the calendar for more info.

11/03/03- The mp3 of the month is Autumn's "Seconds." Enjoy! (right click to download)

09/02/03 - An exclusive interview with Gothsicles is available, courtesy of Bloodlossgirl and!

09/02/03 - Reviews of the Halo compilation and Angel Theory's "Her Transmission Burns" are now available. More reviews are on their way!


the work of Joe Boyle

11/03/03 - More optical illusions than anyone really needs.
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08/23/03 - Did you know that men criminally cannot wear fishnet stockings in Disneyland?

08/06/03 - Photos from Astral Grey's and Turn Pale's May 23rd appearance at the Loring Pasta Bar are now available in our photo gallery.

08/05/03 - KMFDM will be at First Avenue on October 23.

07/06/03 - We are constructing a new archive of back news bits, articles, reviews, etc. Look for it soon



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